About Me



I have a PhD in Philosophy from Cornell University, and I’ve taught there and at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Pennsylvania, and Colgate University. I also teach adult education courses in philosophy, mysticism, and sacred poetry.

Together with a bunch of scholarly articles, I’m the author of

Hegel’s Philosophy of Reality, Freedom and God (Cambridge University Press, 2005), which you can purchase from the publisher, from Amazon.com, etc. This is my account of G.W.F. Hegel’s philosophical mysticism. To sample it, you can download a chapter or more from my “Writings” page. My “Manifesto for Philosophical Mysticism,” on this site, gives an overview of what I think it’s all about. The page on “Internet Resources for Philosophical Mysticism, and Some of Its Opponents” is an essay on God and transcendence and what I think I’ve learned from Plato and Hegel about these subjects (with many links to other people’s sites). Other introductory discussions are in my blog, and in the sermon on Emerson and the chapter from my second book, The God of Love, Science, and Inner Freedom, both in Writings.

For details of my academic activities, you can download my c.v. from the Writings page, below.